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Yesterday I blogged about the upcoming Citizen’s Hearing for Disclosure. Trust me when I say I’m hoping something substantive comes of it. Stephen Bassett has assembled a lot of people I’d consider credible (but I wouldn’t say that about everyone on the witness list).

Also fast approaching (April 22) is the Sirius world premier that is the centerpiece of Steven Greer’s “Sirius Disclosure” project. Greer is a high profile researcher.  He’s controversial even within the ufological camp.1 I tend to appreciate his efforts to garner witnesses and documentation, but to not trust him when it comes to his claims of psychic contact with ET and alien artifacts. The most current item in the latter category is his touting of the “Atacama Alien” pictured below.



This “discovery” is not new; it’s actually a few years old. The specimen has also been examined by several specialists. No word on whether any of them will be featured in Greer’s film, though I wouldn’t expect that given the conclusions drawn prior to this world premier. Here’s an excerpt from the report linked above:

“The second transcribed document is a forensic medical report written by Dr. Francisco Etxeberria Gabilondo, a professor of Legal and Forensic Medicine in the Basque Country University, and specialist in Forensic Anthropology with the Complutense University, who wrote the study at the bequest of the IIEE (probably for a fee, although that is not mentioned). Dr. Etxeberria wrote that, “it’s a mummified body with all typical the characteristics of a fetus. The body has a length of 14 cm and displays all the structures and anatomical links normal for the head, trunk and extremities. . . .

Taken as a whole, the proportions of the anatomical structures (skeleton and softer parts), the level of development of each one of its bones and its macroscopic configuration, allow us to interpret it without any shadow of doubt as a completely normal mummified fetus … Both based on the total length of the body as well as the length of the bones, it can be estimated that it’s a fetus in an approximate gestation period close to 15 weeks.”


This of course isn’t exciting enough for a world premier, so don’t expect to hear anything about it in the movie. The whole thing reminds me a bit of the bogus “nephilim skulls” that are out there. I blogged about that over on my PaleoBabble site many moons ago, complete with a picture from a medical supply catalog of these “amazing” skulls – the medical supply company has several models so their medical students can learn about human cranial deformities (which is good, so they don’t have to rob the Smithsonian of one of their hidden specimens from the late 1800s). Sad to say, I’ve seen these models at Christian conferences to promote various nuggets of nephilim nonsense (I normally hate alliteration, but I’ll let that one pass – truth be told, I was tempted to add “nattering nabobs” to that from the Aladdin movie).

It also reminds me of a book I’ve read . . . that had unscrupulous people using doctored human fetuses to create alien remains. . . . Oh yeah, that was my novel, The Facade. Funny.

Of course there will be those who think that because the specimen has a skeleton that it must be alien. To all you Einsteins out there on that point – a human fetus has a skeleton, too. All 206 bones of the human being are present by the end of the fifth week. (Please note that the 5th week would fall before the 15th week noted in the quotation above).

This whole world premier thing illustrates the poor thinking of many who want desperately to have aliens explain everything in world history and our origins (i.e., who want that as a religion). Just Google it. Or better yet, look at the name of Greer’s project: “Sirius Disclosure”. The title plays off Robert Temple’s iconic but demonstrably bogus “Sirius Mystery.” Think about it. Let’s say this six-inch specimen isn’t human — how the Zeta do we know it’s from Sirius? Because that’s a narrative Greer likes – it “connects” (in a non sequitur sense) to cool things like ancient Egypt (Temple had the image of Akhenaten on the cover of his Sirius Mystery book – we all know he was an ET, despite what the recent DNA research on the mummies in his lineage says).2

So where does this leave us? Well, if you’re like me who’d like to see serious people do serious thinking about a subject as serious as whether we’re alone in the universe, you’re embarrassed by this latest stunt (by the way, that sound rhyming on “Sirius” is called assonance – oh, crud, I ruined the aural subliminal). You all know that, if there are such things, I’m on the side of the public having a right to know (i.e., at least confirm the idea if it’s real – I do allow for legitimate national security issues). Stuff like this generates cash and sets tongues to wagging, but doesn’t really help credibility.


  1. For some of those, click here, here, here, and here.
  2. See here as well. But what about the alien fetuses in King Tut’s tomb, Mike? We won’t leave them out of the post. Click here.

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39 Responses to “The Atacama Mummified Human Fetus … er, Alien”

  • Iry says:

    Oh no, Mr. Heiser, this doesn’t work. You are very wrong in this case, you hide other available information, you have zero knowledge about the most important details of the issue. You were proven wrong by the very well exposed DNA analysis shown in the movie and I’m waiting for a statement from your side after the claims you made. And this statement has to start with one sentence: “I was wrong.”

  • MSH says:

    I’m not hiding any information – I link to the earlier report. Let’s see Greer submit the object to a totally independent lab (actually, labs, for cross-correlation). Until that happens, he’s the one hiding data.

  • Iry says:

    There is more than one earlier report. Scientists in Berlin, Austria and Spain had already concluded that this can by no means be considered a human fetus. I also wonder at which point you would consider a lab contacted by Greer completely independent? Why would you sustain that Nolan is not independent? I see the dependence rather in the fact that he’s afraid of being attacked as a scholar only dealing with this subject – leave alone submitting his honest thoughts. Sad enough.
    It is actually a cheap strike-back from you saying that Greer is the one hiding data. He passed the specimen to a scholar to perform DNA testing on it. The procedure and its results were exposed in detail and well explained. It became clear that while the mother of the specimen may be linked to native tribes of the area where it was found, the rest of the DNA – the greater part – can’t be classified at all. The DNA of this specimen, whatever it is, is something we have never seen before. Now the cheapest way for you to get out of the self made trap with your biased statements is to say that the lab was not independent.
    You’re making things worse.

  • MSH says:

    send the report from all these scientists. I won’t take your word for it, and neither should my readers.

    The only way this is valid is if (a) the material is submitted to independent labs that are not in cahoots with Greer (i.e., that have no relationship to him, so as to prevent that accusation); and (b) the results are published under peer review. This is the way real science is done – nothing hidden, experts weigh in, the data survives scrutiny.

    Until that happens, this is nothing.

    I’m here to promote real science and real research, not buy into popular ideas.

  • Iry says:

    Further research of the specimen has been announced, also in the movie.

    I have not written such an article, Mr. Heiser. I don’t have to send anything. I’m nobody, I don’t write articles, I don’t have an agenda, I don’t tell people things I haven’t thoroughly researched. It is actually your business to get that information, otherwise your statements are incomplete and ultimately false. They carry the taste of opportunistic lies.
    If you want to give information, research the subjects to their bottom and don’t talk about things you have no clue of, stopping your research at the point where it matches your agenda. For such way of doing you don’t have to be Dr. Michael Heiser. Every idiot is able to do this.
    Always think that greatness has never come out of those who always wanted to be right and who defended their agendas. Greatness was always of those who had the courage to express themselves and occasionally say: I was wrong. They could then modify their views on cetain subjects and continue to develop their own intellectual and spiritual skills . That’s the only way to give independent, valuable information to others which doesn’t lose its value with the next discovery and has then to be defended with lies and finally with faith. We already had that. It’s the point where you have to decide whether you want to defend a religion, science or just be one of those self-invented gurus – or if you really want to be special and provide us with authentic information.



    Hi Michael,

    I can understand your point Michael, however I do not trust the scientific community either. Example: For 2000 years the Jewish and Roman Orthodox Catholic Church (Sephardic bloodlines) and the AshkeNAZIM Global Elite bloodlines have been forcing archeologists to dig for ONLY CERTAIN INFORMATION. If archeologists found data that did not comply with the mindset of the AshkeNAZIM and Sephardic Elite or their agendas, the data was falsified or not recorded. Archeologists who dug up information to thwart the belief systems being promoted by the AshkeNAZIM and Sephardic Global Elite, lost their findings, were discredited and worse murdered. It seems to me that the data presented is accurate on many levels. We can see the scans ourselves. I am comfortable with the data that has come forward simply because we know aliens create human hybrids. We also forget that there were populations of pigmies on earth. This also tells us that gray aliens probably come in various sizes.

    Once you open your eyes Michael, all of this will be clear to you. Right now you refuse to see what is right in front of you. The writing is on the wall you just refuse to look at the wall. If I remember right I think you are also promoting that the earth is or mankind is 6000 years old because THE BIBLE SAYS SO. You refuse to see how ridiculous this Sephardic belief system is. The AshkeNAZIM and Sephardic bloodline overlords have lied to all of us but most of us are not mind gamed into following their programming. Once you drop the programming your eyes will open up.

  • Dennis says:

    I, too, would like more information on this than is currently available, but I have to agree with some other posters: You’ve made yourself some kind of gatekeeper in this case, a self-appointed arbiter of what’s acceptable as accurate and valid. It’d be better not to defend yourself so strongly and concede that this appears to be a pretty odd biological specimen.

  • MSH says:

    I think you need to open your eyes – Greer’s film features a scientist saying the “alien” is human. It’s time for you to think clearly.

    I should add that I’m not going to be approving long comments (sometimes 1000+ words) here promoting your ideas. You need to get your own website or blog for that kind of output. In other words, my blog isn’t your blog.

  • MSH says:

    Let’s put on our thinking caps. I didn’t say you wrote an article. I said you need to provide real research to back up your claims.

    Since when did it become out of step to provide hard evidence for claims?

    Without it – I repeat – you have NOTHING.

  • MSH says:

    I’ve not made myself a gatekeeper. I just post what’s going on and give my honest assessment.

    I don’t need to defend a position – Greer needs to defend a position that he’s promoting to milk lots of money from people. It’s no more complicated than that. I’m just holding him accountable for that. If he produces it, that will get posted, too.

  • felina says:

    Dear Mr. Heiser,

    Garry Nolan never said that the specimen “is human”. He said that its mother’s ancestry is linked to indigineous people from the area.

    Here’s an informative article about this:

  • Iry says:

    How cheap: “Greer needs to defend a position that he’s promoting to milk lots of money from people.”
    The usual blah blah argument from people who have nowhere to escape anymore in front of evidence that contradicts their claims.

    Why did you write your article before the documentary was out at all? Did you want to use (or abuse) your acquired influence to debunk something that doesn’t match your agenda before people had the chance to give it any credit?

    You’re deliberately distorting things:

    “I think you need to open your eyes – Greer’s film features a scientist saying the “alien” is human. It’s time for you to think clearly.”

    Well, you try that first.
    Here is what Garry Nolan really concluded:

    “(…) did not conclude that the specimen is definitively “human,” but rather that the terminology that could be most applicable is “hybrid.”

    And you’re trying to put me into the situation of having to prove:

    “Let’s put on our thinking caps. I didn’t say you wrote an article. I said you need to provide real research to back up your claims.”

    Well, I know where I found my claims, but I’m only replying to your article. I will certainly not provide anything. You are “Dr. Michael Heiser”, so important and famous now, who sustains that an alien-looking mummy with evident differences from any human being and a very bizarre DNA which has only in part been proven to be human, is actually a “completely normal human fetus”. So after the documentary is out, and Garry Nolan (Stanford University and not “Greer’s lab”) has definitely not claimed that the mummy is without any doubt human but rather a hybrid, you should be humble enough to search for more information – real information and not only the half truth that has been copied over and over and been published and re-published over the last few days. As I said: I haven’t written an article. I only sustain that your article is wrong and is propaganda for your unscientific creationist belief system. So it’s you who has to provide the proof for this. The proof without any doubt.

  • felina says:

    No, he does not claim it’s an alien hybrid. He says the mother is of human ancestry, further research has to be and will be done. Nobody could state at this stage that this is an alien hybrid.
    I only wonder at which point we can call something “human” and how scientists would establish something to be “alien” (hybrid) vs “unknown mutations”. If we never saw an alien DNA, how would we know we’re seeing one? Especially if humans were genetically mixed with aliens once? (IF, I said.)

    These are my real questions.

    Honestly, I think calling this being a “human” is incorrect for now, as it is to call it “alien”. We’ll just have to wait and see. Unfortunately, people, especially journalists and everybody with an agenda or the wish to show how well informed or “realistic” he or she is, make things worse because when they jump to conclusions, reporting only part of the coclusions, they create a big confusion. So we’ll have to wait and see if there will be more. Well, I really hope so.

  • MSH says:

    It’s human according to 91% of its DNA. Now, that doesn’t mean that 9% of it is “off earth”. It means 9% has yet to be identified. This is not unusual in DNA work, and that’s the part Dr. Greer either doesn’t get or isn’t telling people.

    So how do I know that since I’m not a geneticists? Simple. I have an email friend who has a PhD in genetics that I send these things to. And if I can do that, so can Greer. Here’s what my friend has said about such studies / instances:

    “All it means is that we haven’t encountered that particular nucleotide sequence yet. It happens all the time. Usually, with every genome of a
    new genus or species that geneticists sequence, some measurable fraction (10-30%) is DNA sequence we’ve never seen before (i.e., has no match in the public [NIH] database).”

    Since all humans do not have identical DNA (!) and not all people have had their genome sequenced (!) that would mean there are lots of human DNA sequences that are “unknown”.

  • Scott Palmer says:

    Can we all just get along!

    Can we all just get along! Let’s be real. Do you think someone who worked 8 hard years to get a PHD would Jeopardize their career to publish a manuscript supporting alien existence…I know I wouldn’t. 2/3 of our best minds are employed by the government to design weapons. These brilliant people work under a veil of secrecy…and once again if I were one of them I wouldn’t risk my well being by discussing these secrets with friends.Scientist now believe that our galaxy consist of BILLIONS of planets! Would it be overzealous to believe we may not be alone in this galaxy? Practically every animal species on this planet has a fossil record that predates mankind…why is this? Somehow nature chose us to accelerate our evolution…indeed an anomaly or divine intervention.Our governments and media work together to keep us safe from information we are not ready to accept!

  • MSH says:

    Your first line is asking a question I’m not asking / addressing an issue I’m not suggesting. No one is saying the person doing the testing (I presume that’s who you’re talking about and not Steven Greer) is risking anything – he isn’t, since he isn’t claiming anything is alien. So your focus is misguided. None of your other comments prove anything about ET life anywhere. A long fossil record on EARTH isn’t proof of life ELSEWHERE (logic?).

  • Scott Palmer says:

    The message that I attempted to convey is simple: I personally don’t believe that if indeed there was any DNA other than that of a human extracted from the aforementioned specimen it simply would not get published! As far as proving alien existence, I presume that many scientific arguments were conceived solely on the laws of probabilities. So if we exert these laws on the cosmos…then the probability that amongst a billion planets Earth is the only one that can harbor carbon lifeforms seems a bit erroneous.

  • MSH says:

    this is hard to follow since you use a double negative in the first sentence. I’m not sure what you intend to say. As far as the “billion” reference, math isn’t hard evidence. And there are astro-phyisicists that think the probability of life elsewhere is *small* – see the book Rare Earth for example.

    Rare Earth: Why Complex Life is Uncommon in the Universe by Peter D. Ward and Donald Brownlee

  • Scott Palmer says:

    Sorry about my english. I will definitely purchase this book and read it objectively. I recommend these two very well written books for you. They offer oposing views on this subject. Lonely Planets by David Grinspoon also Alien Life by Barry Parker.

  • felina says:

    I have been waiting a while to reply because I was waiting for an answer myself.

    I read what your PhD friend said. At that time, I had already brought the case to one of the local universities. Instead of addressing only the teachers who have to fear a loss of reputation, I addressed the students AND the teachers. This is the overall result, leaving out particular opinions:

    1. The result of the DNA analysis SUGGESTS that this specimen is human because the mother is (probably) human. No other affirmation can be made for now.
    2. Suggests means: we have a specimen that looks like a humanoid, but the anatomical differences are too many to define it human. On the other hand, the mithocondrial DNA is related to humans. This fact leads to conflict because up to the current date, there’s not a single known case where humans interbred with something which was not human. For the knowledge we have at the present day, a cross-over between humans and other species is considered an impossibility.
    3. It is incorrect to say that the specimen’s DNA is 90% human. It is correct to say: the results SUGGEST it is 90% human (also here). With the mithocondrial DNA, we can for now only establish what the mother was. This constitutes actually 50% of the specimen’s DNA. Everything that can be said about the father is still completely unknown.

    So far the consideration of students and two teachers in genetics.

    The specimen was also analyzed by Dr. Ralph Lachman, co-founder and co-director of the International Skeletal Dysplasia Registry at Cedars-Sinai.

    This is his letter to Dr. Nolan:

    Dear Dr. Nolan,

    Thank you very much for the opportunity to examine the radiographic images of this specimen.

    I have examined in the course of my career many skeletal and other pediatric bone anomalies and dysmorphias. This specimen does not fall under any known, to me, class of disorders or syndromes. As I told you during our last meeting (when I formally went over the images in preparation for the formal report) — there is no known form of dwarfism that accounts for the anomalies seen in this specimen. Most interestingly, based on knee epiphyseal standards, the specimen appears to be 6-8 years old. While there remains a possibility this latter result is due to some form of unknown progeria (rapid aging syndrome), in my opinion this is a low probability.

    In many respects the proportions of the limbs and extremities are normal. The major abnormalities appear to be (1) the size of the specimen, which is not in accordance with an apparent age of 6-8 years, (2) mid-face hypoplasia (underdevelopment of the jaw), and that the specimen has only 10 ribs (humans normally have 12).

    I look forward to your genetic analyses of the specimen. I have listed for you at the end of the report a number of mutations of which I am aware that are known to affect the skeletal regions that show mutations in the specimen. While none of those mutations are known to cause the anomalies observed, they are provided as reference points in your continued examination of the specimen.

    Good luck with your work on this.

    Best, Ralph Lachman

    Dr. Lachman is also the author of the textbook “Radiology Of Syndromes, Metabolic Disorders And Skeletal Dysplasias” which is referenced by students and practitioners.

    Considering all these elements, calling the specimen a human is incorrect and unscientific. As we all know, a certain kind of (well established) scholars love to jump to conclusions in front of a case where no doubtless scientific conclusion can be made. But one of the guide lines in science is to never jump to conclusions. How come that in such cases they violate their own laws?

  • MSH says:

    thanks for the recommendations!

  • MSH says:

    There is no non-human DNA found. There is human DNA identified (most of the DNA). Therefore to call it anything but human is unscientific. DNA isn’t going to lie. Lachman’s letter doesn’t alter that at all. The results don’t “suggest” anything non-human. “Unidentified” (read: un-decoded as to sequencing) doesn’t mean “alien” or “non-human.” (And by the way, what would alien DNA look like, given that we’ve never had any with which to compare – that isn’t a trivial issue).

    In other words, I’m basing my conclusion on what has to this point been identified and said, not on what might be said. That would be pure speculation. I’ve been in email exchange with Dr. Nolan myself. He hasn’t said it’s anything but human to this point. And you can bet that if he did, it would require peer review — or his career would be over. The danger here is to avoid peer review, not to say “hey, this isn’t human.” Making such a claim without peer review invites ridicule and disdain (and it should – be cause it amounts to hiding your work from other experts).

    Here’s my wager: It’s going to be confirmed that this thing is completely human (especially if Greer has the guts to let other researchers have the specimen for independent testing – which ought to be several rounds – that’s how peer review works – two or many heads are better than one) and that there’s something about its preservation (or perhaps techniques that produced it – and I don’t necessarily mean deliberate deception there, though that can’t be dismissed) is producing the anomalous elements.



    This little entity is an ALIEN HUMAN HYBRID.

    Mothers DNA was Mitochondria (Human)
    Fathers DNA was Unknown (alien aka Junk E.T. DNA)

    Scientists have sequenced the genome of the chimpanzee and found that humans are 96 percent similar to the great ape species meaning that it takes very little DNA to create a human hybrid. This little human alien hybrid a perfect example of how little alien DNA it takes to change the fetus into a hybrid. We all have contaminated DNA. 85% of the global population has Rhesus Monkey DNA protein from primates. This happened when aliens bred human DNA with primate DNA. 15 Percent of the global populations have Rh – Negative blood factors, which means they do not have the Rhesus monkey protein. Woman who carry the Rh – Negative factor have body systems that reject foreign objects. An Rh + Rhesus Monkey fetus is considered to be a foreign object so her body attempts to abort the fetus. DO YOUR HOME WORK.

    FACE IT – ALIENS CONTINUE TO TAMPER WITH THE HUMAN RACE TO CREATE HYBRIDS. IT HAS BEEN GOING ON FOR MILLIONS OF YEARS IF NOT LONGER. These aliens (gods and angels) and there hybrid bloodlines are all over the Old Testament history and they include the Indian Adam Turkish Semite AshkeNAZIM and Sephardic Jews, Black Eves, Sea People, Phoenicians, Canaanites, Scythians, and the list goes on.



    My comment to the person who stated that there is no non-human DNA found in this alien hybrid is this. ‘What do you think the words “other or unknown DNA” means? it means the DNA is unknown to any species on earth. IT IS ALIEN DNA. Any way you slice these guys, regardless of how you attempt to ignore the obvious facts and you eyes and continue with you debunking comments we get no where.

    One of the problems with those of you the ‘Global Elite” refer to as Sleeping Sheeple, is that if you continue to remain this blind, our country will continue going down the tubes. The Global Elite are human alien hybrid bloodlines that rule the earth today. This is one of the reasons they don’t what humanity to know that hybrids exist. Once we realize what is going on and who they are their agenda’s will also be exposed. As long as you remain blind to human alien cloning and their hidden and secret agendas, there will continue to be more 911 attacks, wars, Global Cataclysmic events etc. The Global Elite will continue to reek tyranny on this nation while you SNOOZE. They call you “Sleeping Sheeple” and “Useless Eaters” because you continue to buy into their nonsense and do nothing to stop what is going on today. As long as they can con you with their official reports, through corporate media and religious misinformation, disinformation and lies we will never fix what is wrong with this country.

  • MSH says:

    “unknown” does not mean “alien”; “unknown” can mean a variety of things as to why it’s unknown – in the example my geneticist friend noted, sequences get classified as unknown because they haven’t been entered into the database everyone uses to identify sequences. EACH HUMAN IS UNIQUE – WE ALL HAVE DIFFERING GENOMES – NOT ALL THOSE GENOMES ARE DATABASED. Unknown can also mean “garbled” in terms of incompleteness. It is a logical fallacy to presume unknown = non-human.



    In this case Unknown means Alien JUNK DNA. Michael you need to give this one up. This is an excellent example of an alien human hybrid. The only ones that don’t want to believe this are the “Sleeping Sheeple.” Let’s go on to a different topic, this one has gone the gauntlet.

  • MSH says:

    there’s no data to support this conclusion. Junk DNA isn’t alien (and the determination of function for junk DNA grows all the time since the genome has been mapped – in fact we don’t know what most DNA *does* even though the genome is mapped – if we knew that, we’d have cures for all diseases by now). In other words, MAPPING the genome isn’t the same as knowing the functions of what is mapped. This is simple, straightforward science and logic.

  • felina says:

    Junk DNA is still a discussed hypotheisis:

    If we don’t know what the father was like, we don’t know what this being is. It can’t be called “human”, Mr. Heiser.

    How would we recognkze a hybrid? We wouldn’t, most likely, as we have never seen any alien DNA. In this I agree with you. However, to call it human is utterly wrong. And you insist in the mistake.

  • MSH says:

    Hope you’ll check out the most recent post. Why is it that the scientists who’ve examined the specimen most closely agree with me?

  • Lara says:

    Dear Mr. Heiser,

    It doesn’t seem to me that the scientists who have most closely examined the specimen agree with you.

    Garry Nolan states that the specimen had a human mother, clearly indicated through the miochondrial DNA. The genetic analysis has decoded nothing else than that, and the result is a 91% match with human DNA. Nolan doesn’t say the specimen is human, he says it has to be considered human and adds at some point with a helpless smile: “I don’t want to be attacked.”
    Dr. David Lachman never says that the specimen is human. He only focuses on possible known causes of deformations such as Ata would show if it were to be considered human. And, as he states, Ata’s deformations don’t match any known disease or anomaly.

    I strictly refuse the term human in this case. I consider the use of this term a certification of helplessness in front of something which is clearly NOT human and can by no means be explained.

    Please consider that the Neanderthal people match human DNA in 99,5% , yet they are not consided humans but a different species of the category Homo.

    Why do scientists say that Ata is human?

    Mr. Heiser, you’re much too intelligent and educated to not exactly know why, and you’re trying to avoid to admit this here.

    The point is that Ata has a human mother. Since there is no known case of interbreeding between humans and any other species, by definition Ata has to be called human. There is also no other species on Earth known to be genetically compatible with humans. This means that if scholars consider Ata not human, they would have to accept the idea of an interbreeding with an unknown, possibly alien species. But as according to current knowledge in physics space traveling is impossible on such scale, and consequently it is impossible that another species has reached planet Earth, and (officially) there is no proof of alien presence on this planet, neither today nor in earlier times, the mere assumption that this specimen might be the result of the interbreeding of a human female with an alien would be considered outrageously unscientific, and whoever dared to only mention this idea as a possibility would most likely lose his reputation for the rest of his life.

    This is why scientists seemingly agree with you.

    Interestingly, I sent the case to the Institute for Human Genetics in Berlin and never got an answer. Insisting with phone calls, I was simply told: “Dr. (…) lets you know that there’s no answer for your questions.”



  • MSH says:

    The essay clearly says that the DNA is human. Not sure how you missed that.

    Forward me the email (?) from Berlin. I want to see it.



    I do not understand why it is so hard for some people to wrap their brains around the fact that aliens IN TOWN and that they rape and artificially inseminate their DNA into the human genome. We have more than enough proof they exist and are on planet earth.

    I believe aliens are from other dimensions and that they live inside the earth as well. Our Secret Star Wars program has been dealing with aliens since the very beginning. I believe that mankind was here on earth long before the Neanderthal, which appears to have been another human alien primate hybrid. Who on earth do people think the INTELLIGENT DESIGNER WAS? These evil creators have entered our three-dimensional world with technical knowledge and abilities that are way ahead of us. To me they stole this technology from a much higher source and use it against mankind.

    To me they are what Jesus (Yashua, Isu Chrestos) referred to as the “real enemies of mankind.” It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure all of this out, the proof is right in front of our eyes. 97 % of our DNA is E.T. Junk DNA. We only use 3% of our DNA, which is referred to, as our ACTIVE DNA. When aliens replace our DNA with their DNA they contaminated the human race and took us from amazing biological entities to the devolved human beings we are today. Jesus (Yashua, Isu Chrestos) was attempting to tell his followers this when he said something on the order of “You have now idea how awesome you once were, you could move mountains).

    As Michael Cremo (Forbidden Archeology) states, ‘Mankind has devolved they did not evolve.” Evolution was the creation process used by aliens that we refer to today as Intelligent Design. Legends tell us they designed the slave races, which were the Neanderthal, Indian Adams, Black Eves, etc. They DIDN’T CREATE ORIGINAL MAN, they took human DNA and fused it with Alien DNA, primate DNA and what scientists refer to as “OTHER DNA” to create their slave races and their lines of kings and queens who rule our world today as the “Serpent (Sephardic) and Reptilian (AshkeNAZIM and Merovingian) bloodline overlords. We know this is true today. Look at black people. If you honestly look at them you can see the primate DNA. They also have human DNA because their original Mitochondria mothers were human. At some point we have to HAVE THIS DISCUSSION. Today all of us have contaminated DNA and mankind has become a DEVOLVING CREATURE NOT AN EVOLVING CREATURE.

    This is logical, scientific and it HAPPENED. The proof is all over our world. This little alien Gray is part of the mounting evidence that we have today to prove that humanity has been violated, so we are lucky to have it as evidence of this ongoing crime. Original man has been tampered with by what scientists refer to as malevolent E.T.’s.


  • Lara says:

    Which email do you want to see, the one I sent?

  • MSH says:

    The email exchange you had with Berlin – the actual email exchange.

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