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Cris Putnam sent me a link to his review of Steven Greer’s film. Cris noted in the email:

It’s amazingly incoherent that Greer claims to be in contact with the ETs but at the same time the problem with the world is that government is hiding the ET technology…. If he’s telling the truth ET should just give it to him.

Uh . . . yeah. But that’s Greer. Tell everyone you’re an MD till many are convinced that makes you an authority on issues outside of medicine, make lots of noise on the web, then produce content that’s about as logical as a square bowling ball.

This is the sort of thing that mars Greer’s credibility. On one hand, he deserves credit for gathering important witnesses in the military, government, and intelligence apparati. But on the other he comes up with vapor and misdirection like this.

Thanks to Cris for the review!

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14 Responses to “Review of Steven Greer’s (You Can’t Be) Sirius Film”


    Yes, I used to think that Steven Greere was the cats meow until I did some digging. He has been seen with Gray Aliens and the Tesla Technology he promotes is alien technology.

    Buyers Beware

    Its amazingly incoherent that Greer claims to be in contact with the ETs but at the same time the problem with the world is that government is hiding the ET technology…. If he’s telling the truth ET should just give it to him.

  • Bruce says:

    Good review Cris. I agree with you that if these ET’s have the technology why don’t they just give it to Mr. Greer. What gets me is how so many can line up to believe the utter junk Greer pushes.

  • JH says:

    Wake up!!! Greer has the balls to work to uncover the truth. Listen to his opinions and hard found facts instead of what you’ve been forced to live with!

  • zas says:

    They’re here we know it, so why do we need the Govt. to agree and admit?

  • Cris Putnam says:


    What do you mean by “they” and what leads you to that conclusion?


    Hi Michael,

    You are one of these people who refuse to see the writing on the wall. No amount of proof will satisfy people like you until you open your eyes. However for the rest of us, the amount data about them today and through out history is incredible. As a matter of fact archeological, scientific, geological data tells us that they have been here for millions of years if not longer. They have infiltrated our three dimensional world, were described by Jesus (Yashua, Isu Chrestos) as the REAL ENEMIES OF THE WORLD aka “POWERS and PRINCIPALITIES” and are the PUPPET MASTERS of the GLOBAL ELITE PUPPETS. The Bible is even riddled with data about them especially the Old Testament because the Jews and Hebrew Israelites worshipped aliens. The southern Jews worshipped Yahweh Ildabaoth the Demiurge (Jehovah) who Jesus (Yashua, Isu Chrestos) described as a lion faced reptilian or serpent in the Pistis Story that was found among the Nag Hammadi Scrolls. He also called them snakes and the Grays scorpions. The Hebrew Israelites worshipped the Gods of Eden also known by many other names such as God El and the Elohim. They are what I refer to in my writings as the Nordic Aryan Alien “Fallen Elohim Watchers.” Both groups used Grays as messengers or go betweens (angels of the gods). The Grays were considered to be consumet liars even back then. To many people are being visited by them today. The “Cat is Out of the Bag.” You will just have to lift up your eyes and see the fuzzy creature next to the bag for yourself; we can’t do it for you.

  • MSH says:

    Try reading the latest post – time to wake up.

  • Dave says:

    No dought, we are not alone as an intelligent species in all this vastness, but sometimes after listning to all the so called experts of this planet,THEY may be
    very lonely beings indeed.

  • A.G.L. Buyers Beware says:

    Hello David,

    Yes Steven Greere has been in touch with Gray E.T.’s he has been seen with them. Here is the real issue. Many of those coming out of the wood work today to report what the Shadow Government is in engaged in, that have fabulous information to share have ALSO BEEN MIND GAMED. In listening to them we have to take what is valid and disregard what is programming. Today people don’t do that they BUY THE PACKAGE BEING SOLD TO THEM THEN TURN AROUND AND SELL IT AS FACT. Steven Greere has some fabulous information but he also appears to be a mouthpiece for the ALIEN AGNEDA. I quit watching the “Ancient Aliens” on cable T.V. and other programs for that reason, they are all pushing the ALIEN AGENDA VERSION OF FACTS.

  • Dave says:

    We must present believable scenarios to the masses at this time, or be tuned out
    and continue to be known as kooks.

  • A.G.L. Buyers Beware says:

    Remember technology is a bargaining chip and it is also the way that ET’s protect themselves and conduct their nasty business on the earths surface. We have to remember that Seven Greere is a contactee. He is probably a human hybrid with Copper Based Aquatic Blood. He is going to be promoting the “Alien Agenda” also because those who are contactees and being mind gamed by aliens are a sort of mouth piece for aliens.

    These E.T.’s have lived inside our earth for probably millions of years. My research tells me that mankind came first then came these evil entities we call E.T.’s. Mankind has been destroyed many times because we live on the surface of the planet where E.T.’s live inside the earth and come in and out of other dimensions so they are safe from surface catastrophes. What this means is that they have had the ability to create technology that has not been destroyed where mankind seems to have to start all over from scratch each time so these “Powers and Principalities” who are the evil rules of our earth have been able to get one up on us with regards to technology.

    The technology that Steven Greere used to want mankind to own and use is technology that would heat/cool/run our appliances etc., which I think is called Cold Fusion but it is alien technology which means that WE DO NOT WANT TO USE THIS TECHNOLOGY. ESSENTIALLY: Using this Tesla technology would hard wire our homes to aliens.

    Like most alien abductees Greere has some really good ideas and information but like all mind gamed abductees he is also being used as an E.T. mouth piece to promote their evil schemes, cons and scams.

    People who chronically complain about Steven Greere do not GET IT. Instead of pointing your fingers at him remember that he is really a victim. Listen to the important things he has to say but remember to be leery of anything that seems to be coming from the alien camp.

    So many people today with fabulous data also seem to be promoting the Alien Mind Games. I love John Lear but he is also promoting the E.T. programming. I love Phil Schneider, William Cooper and so many informants that have come forward with great data but it would seem that 90% of them are also being mind gamed so in the end you always her the ALIEN VERSION FACTS AND DATA WHICH IS NEVER VERIFIABLE. Remember Jesus referred to them as liars, deceivers and he referred to their technology as “Lying Signs and Wonders.” This tells us that much of what they do is not what it seems and we are not to trust anything that they say.

  • Cris Putnam says:

    Siriusly? “Greer is a human hybrid with copper based blood” What led you to that conclusion? What is the evidence for the existence of such beings?

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