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Jack Brewer over at The UFO Trail has begun a two-part series on the CIA’s mind-control programs. UFO Religions readers (and Facade fans) will want to read Part One, along with an earlier essay on John Marks, the researcher who blew the lid off the secrecy.

As Facade readers know, mind control was one of the sub-threads in the novel. The UFO research community has known for some time that CIA mind control and LSD experimentation had some sort of intersection with the “alien contactee” movement in the United States. The same is likely also true of the alien abduction phenomenon. The latter connection received a bit of attention in Jack’s posts about Leah Haley’s story (which of course included some of Leah’s own commentary about her experiences).  The second post above (“Part One”) overviews some of these intersections. Jack does a nice job of cross-referencing the connections to specific MK-ULTRA / CIA documentary evidence.

Have a look!

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6 Responses to “Alien Abduction, Contact, and Mind Control”

  • aeneas says:

    I can find mind control believable for some of the abduction stories—the Betty and Barney Hill abduction for instance. What I find hard to believe, however, is the notion of covert groups having the kind of technology speculated on by Marks, and others like Martin Cannon, but those groups not having already taken over the world. I mean if they can zap people’s brains by remote control, then what are they waiting for?

    I don’t believe in alien abductions, of course, but I also can’t understand the motivations or endgame of some powerful groups of humans when they’ve supposedly had advanced technology for decades. I mean, are they just satisfied with going around targeting some people and making those people think they’re visited by aliens? What’s the point? These are the same kinds of questions I have about secret groups having advanced saucer technology. What are they doing with that technology? If they can outrace conventional weapons, if they can defy gravity, and perhaps even conquer space with this technology, then what are they doing with it?

    BTW, Mike have you looked into any of the Stanley Kubrick stuff promoted by Jay Weidner? A lot of what he says is hard to swallow, but there is no doubt that Kubrick was a bizarre filmmaker with mystery surrounding him. Weidner makes connections between Nazi technology (mentioning Joseph Farrell’s work) and the secrets he thinks Kubrick knew.

  • Jack Brewer says:

    I’m very pleased to read that you find the posts linked to be of interest. Thank you for sharing them with your readers. I appreciate it.

    There is of course a great deal of information available that could be studied by ambitious researchers (the MKULTRA Collection, Church Committee volumes, transcripts of Senate hearings on mind control and radiation testing, etc.). While select UFO researchers, including yourself, Dr. Heiser, indeed do fantastic jobs of reviewing and presenting some of the information, it is so vast that it could repeatedly be reviewed in different contexts, cross referenced under various perspectives and so on.

    It concerns me to consider the volumes upon volumes of potentially relevant data being commonly overlooked within the UFO community, but I have pretty much accepted at this point that truly effectively undertaking such work requires substantial resources. I nonetheless find the subject matter interesting and potentially rewarding, so, again, thank you for the interest and encouragement.

  • MSH says:

    I don’t think the mind control agenda was ever about global control – rather, strategic manipulation (assassinations, misdirection, spycraft, etc.). It would seem impossible to scale, as you note. I haven’t looked at Kubrick / Weidner; can you send me a link?

  • MSH says:

    you’re welcome.

  • Kathleen says:

    Another excellent resource is “The CIA Doctors” by Colin Ross.

  • MSH says:


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