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A couple days ago I paid a visit to AREA-51 (for real . . . at least as far as they let you go). It was fun (and of course there was a research benefit). Along the way my wife took a picture at the Extraterrestrial Highway sign that pilgrims encounter along the way.



The last stop often made before you retrace your steps just a bit to make the 8.5 mile drive to the southern guard post (where things get serious if you don’t obey the signs) is the famous Little A’Le’Inn at Rachel, Nevada. My wife and in-laws had lunch there. Pat, the owner and hostess, was as nice as internet lore has her.


If I had to choose one word to describe the location of Little A’Le’Inn and the Groom Lake entrance it would absolutely be “remote”. Frankly, the word doesn’t even begin to describe the location. Maybe this picture (not my photo) gives you an idea:


Since it’s the only place out there, anyone on the road can stop at the Little A’Le’Inn without threat of lethal force (and since the food was good – the Alien Burger is great . . . tastes like chicken) Pat does a good business.

Anyway, the guard post had signs that photography was prohibited, so we didn’t take any pictures . . . at least until we were about 100 yards away. My father-in-law decided to take the chance. The picture’s not great since it was at a distance on a smart phone. Here’s a better one from the web:


In case anyone wants to make the trip, these directions were helpful – but make sure to stop at the A’Le’Inn so that you get there . . . and get back.



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6 Responses to “Mike at AREA-51”

  • Matthew Anderson says:

    Dr. Heiser, I don’t suppose you’ll be making a stop at the Roswell UFO Festival this year? I’d love to hear one of your talks if you are giving one.

  • kennethos says:

    I have to admit being curious, Mike….what kind of UFO souvenirs appeal to such a contrarian skeptic? ;)

  • MSH says:

    I got an AREA-51 poster (the warning sign) for my son’s room (he loved it) and a short book on the history of AREA-51. Oh, and a coffee mug.

    I wouldn’t call myself a skeptic, either. Maybe “jaded person who’d like some real evidence instead of the hocum.” Not sure there’s a word for that.

  • MSH says:

    I’d go if invited. I heard last year’s was really below par.

  • kennethos says:

    Touche, Mike….point taken. I suppose I meant “skeptic” more in line with what you said, instead of “complete disbeliever.”
    Hearing about the poster brings to mind the one in Fox “The X-Files” Mulder’s office (“I want to believe”)….lol.

  • MSH says:

    I have one of those, too (sadly, not from Season 1).

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