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Exposing PseudoAstronomy is a podcast hosted by Stuart Robbins. (Stuart is a postdoctoral researcher in astronomy whose focus is on planetary geophysics). I highly recommend it. He just posted the latest episode:

Podcast Episode 83: David Sereda’s Claims Clip Show, Part 1


It’s not hard to believe there will be other parts. Here’s the blurb on the podcast episode page:

The purpose of this episode is to provide a background into how Sereda went from a UFOlogist to a more generic new-ager with a few specific claims of his own. I then go into two of his main claims (of MANY that I’ll go more into next time) and wrap up with when giving your professional background becomes an argument from authority logical fallacy. Actually, almost everything that Sereda says is a “Name that Logical Fallacy” exercise.

This episode “required” me listening to approximately 40 hours of Coast to Coast AM. I took nearly 10,000 words of notes. I think I may take up drinking …

Wow – that’s a lot of effort to put into a podcast series. I’ve long felt the same way about Sereda’s ideas, having read enough new age cosmology and metaphysics to see that David’s physics are hard to distinguish from that stuff (which is inherently religious). But since I lack a background in the hard sciences, I’m dependent on folks like Stuart who care enough to spend serious time hearing Sereda out (among others) and subjecting their thinking to relevant scientific data. I’m guessing lots of readers out there are like me in that regard.

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One Response to “Exposing PseudoAstronomy vs. David Sereda”

  • Christian Gains says:

    Mike, I just want to take a moment to thank you. You’ve ALWAYS made us feel so welcome, and always responded directly & promptly, (in spite of your heavy schedule), and you’re always so honest. It makes me listen, and teaches me HOW MUCH I just do NOT know, and NEED to learn. THANKS!

    My prayers are with you & for you to continue to be effective. BTW…this particular Article / class got a LOT of BUSS [took it minutes to download], you’re OBVIOUSLY probing in areas unpopular with Eph.6:12 HIGH PLACES. Claim Matt.16:19 constantly Mike…as you know, it’s ours to utilize! And…it WORKS! We CERTAINLY are living in a II Cor.10:3 – 5 World!

    BTW…this is a fascinating study…It reinforces my conviction that [Ezk.28:14B -- "stones of fire"],is significant to the PRE-Adamic world, and the Planets have MUCH to reveal to us concerning the developments BEFORE Adam fell.

    Therefore the enemy is working overtime to pollute the evidence and message. Is that valid thinking Mike?.

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