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Robert Sheaffer over at the Bad UFOs blog has written MUFON’s epitaph: “MUFON Jumps the Shark.”

I don’t know of any other conclusion in the wake of the PA MUFON State Director claimed that missing Malaysia Airline flight 370 was abducted by aliens. This is the sort of hailstorm of idiocy we’ve come to expect from internet trolls or YouTubers who do UFO stuff. But not MUFON.

That “courtesy doubt” has now been withdrawn. Robert’s piece includes commentary on MUFON’s new TV series, Hangar 1 (the name for MUFON’s collection of UFO stories that the show will pretend are data). The show airs on History Channel 2 (I guess one fantasy channel wasn’t enough). Unfortunately, it’s not hard to show that MUFON’s credibility has been compromised for some time now. He writes of the show: “And what exactly does MUFON serve up from its precious archives? Some of the most preposterous, unsubstantiated stories in the UFO literature.”

Read it and weep (or laugh).



2 Responses to “MUFON Jumps the Shark”

  • aeneas says:

    This is sad indeed, especially after reading Richard Dolan’s history of UFOs and the national security state. MUFON started out with noble goals and serious ones too.

    On a somewhat related note, I read an article on the National Catholic Register site that says the new TV show Cosmos claimed that Giordano Bruno was burned at the stake for his belief in the existence of extraterrestrials. Haven’t seen the show (and probably will not), but I wouldn’t be surprised if they made this claim. Even shows supposedly about space and science are becoming more and more ridiculous.

  • MSH says:

    Oh, brother (Bruno).

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