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Jack Brewer just posted Part One of “MUFON, Science and Deception.” It’ll get you up to speed on why MUFON is no longer credible. Maybe it can rebound, but it won’t be any time soon.

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3 Responses to “A Short History of MUFON and Its Troubles”

  • A.G.L. Buyers Beware says:


    I glanced through the article and found it to be inflammatory. It is no secret that MUFON is run by people who are promoting the “Alien Agenda” simply because so many of them are mind gamed victims” who at times will promote the “Alien Agenda.” This does not mean that a lot of their data and research is not valid or accurate. Michael for you and some of your readers you are to black and white. Life does not operate in black and white. What I mean is don’t shoot the messenger’s. So much of what they say is valid. The truck is to learn what data is trustworthy and what data is not.

    MUFON has done some remarkable work that our government will not touch so we are lucky they exist. Instead of finding ways to discredit them you need to listen to what they say and use discernment. Take what is accurate and discard what is not.

  • MSH says:

    MUFON doesn’t deserve support merely because it exists. It only deserves support when it does responsible research.

  • A.G.L. Buyers Beware says:


    Mufon deserves support because it is doing what our government, media and the Powers that Be will not do. It is going where no one else has dared to tread. I know people in MUFON who are fine responsible people who are doing a great service. I may not agree with them when they promote the “Alien Agenda” data that comes from their mind gamed victims but these victims are all over the Internet today and they include people like John Lear who has fabulous information in general. At some point these people became victims so they also promote the mind games they have been programmed with. I know the difference because I am a researcher and writer but the promotion of the “Alien Agenda” is a sestemic problem across the board both in and outside of MUFON. I refer to it as the “End Time Delusion of Mankind.” That being said the truth needs to get out there. You paid debunkers are not going to stop the flow of information by shooting the message or the massager. You can’t use words like responsible research when what you are doing is irresponsible yourself. Name calling and demeaning the people who are getting the word out today is a ploy to keep the flow of information from surfacing. You try to put a plug in the truth as debunkers, we who refer to ourselves as Truthers try to sort out what is FACT and what is PROGRAMMING and there IS A DIFFERENCE.

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