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I had occasion to troll around on the PseudoAstronomy blog a couple days ago and found Episode 99: The Saga of the Lunar Ziggurat. Astronomer Stuart Robbins exposes the (pseudo)astronomical crapulence like only he can. Enjoy! (If that’s the right word).

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3 Responses to “Ziggurat on the Moon?”

  • Carl says:

    LOL! Not that I don’t love this blog, but you end up debunking stuff I never even knew “existed”. And Jason Colavito too.

  • A.G.L. Buyers Beware says:


    Hi Michael,

    WOW sure looks like a Ziggurat to me. Now I have never been to the moon and don’t intend to vacation there any time soon because it is an alien installation and because I can’t afford the gas to take the trup but I have no trouble looking at this image and seeing a man/alien made structure. But then I am not a paid debunker. I do not take orders from the Jesuits, my books are not being endorsed, promoted or sponsored by the AshkeNAZIM and I am not under the spell of the DARK SIDE AGENDA’S like you debunkers are. Way to go Hoagland. Who ever did a scan of the moon claiming that it was not a Ziggurat clearly states that he has no idea where the Ziggurat was located that Hoagland was talking about. This debunker obviously was not at the same coordinates as the Ziggurat Hoagland is talking about. He scanned around the dark side of the moon until he found a similar formation that did not have the Ziggurat in it. Come On Guys, The moon rings like a bell guys DO YOUR HOMEWORK and quit wasting my time with your debunkers blither.

  • MSH says:

    WOW – did you even listen to the analysis? Manipulation of photographic material can make anything look like anything. And defending Hoagland – pay a little visit to the Emoluments of Mars blog. All that blogger does is follow the Hoagland / Bara photo-fakery. Examples:

    Excerpt from another post:

    * The problem with the so-called ziggurat is not that LRO tried to image it but missed, but that it doesn’t exist. Here’s the image ( it would have appeared on if it was there. Mike Bara’s arrogance does not allow him to admit that he’s wrong, so he retreats to an untenable position.

    * Bara has still not explained why the “ziggurat” is not seen on the Japanese image from Selene (Kaguya). (link:

    * It is totally untrue that somebody must have had a special interest in that area “otherwise they wouldn’t be wasting the orbiter resources on it.” LRO is engaged in mapping the entire Moon. As long as it’s in orbit, no additional resources are needed to capture images. That applies equally to the “ziggurat” and the “mystery right-angle” (which by the way is 96° not 90.) Huge swaths of boring, featureless, lunar real estate have been photographed at a resolution of 0.5 metres/pixel.

    Look up the links and see the evidence yourself.

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