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Those of you who have gone to my homepage in the last day or two have already noticed the changes, but I need to make an official announcement.

For the past year a professional designer has taken my site on as a gratis project (Joseph Fioramonti of POSTMORTAL Design). He’s streamlined the site and blogs on the back end, put together some original art work, and made the blogs look like they belong to the homepage. I like the look and

What does this mean for readers? For now, you can still get to all this blog (and my other ones) from the new homepage, or use the redirect I’ve had for several years: But there will be changed to that …

Over the next week:

  • I’ll be posting a note on my old homepage directing people to the new one
  • I’ll be populating all the posts on this blog to their new homes on the new blog site that lives within the new homepage. Most of that is already done, but I have a couple months of copying and pasting to do. That means that, right now, the new blog sites will NOT have the most recent posts (I think they have up through this past January).  I’ll announce something when the copying is done.
  • Once the copying is done, I will put a sign on the front of this blog (a “last post”) directing people to the new blog location.

Longer Term:

  • I will cease looking at or interacting with this old blog page.  I may just take it down after several months. Not sure. Same with the old homepage.

Have a look at the new site and its pages — especially the blogs. Let me know if something is missing, or you can’t find something. The layout is different, but we’ll all get used to it.

This forthcoming book by Antonio Paris looks promising: Space Science: Challenges for the Extraterrestrial Hypothesis of UFO Phenomenon. The link says that the book will “addresses what the UFO community conveniently fails to address.” For what those failures are, click on the link.

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It’s that time of year again – my annual summary of how the blog did this year, as well as other related websites that are mine.

The UFO Religions blog is my smallest blog, but has increased in views and visits every year of its existence. This year I had 69,932 visitors. All time (a little over five years’ running) there have been 422 posts to date at a word count of 159,619.

In a related effort, particularly with respect to the ancient astronaut quackery, my Sitchin Is Wrong website served a lot of customers:

unique visitors: 140,232
number of visits: 173,345
website hits: 1,240,863

The Ancient Aliens Debunked YouTube documentary has, to date, just over 2.8 million views. I appeared in that documentary, which was created by Chris White.

More comprehensively, my homepage averaged just under a million hits a month. (I need to start doing something intentional here … and that will happen soon … to get over that hump). Here are the homepage stats:

unique visitors: 362,522
number of visits: 1,034,272
website hits: 11,578,595


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I’m nearly home from being away for two weeks at the annual meetings of the Evangelical Theological Society, Society of Biblical Literature, and the American Academy of Religion. AAR had an entire afternoon session on “astro-theology” (how would ET life impact religion – specifically, Christianity). I’ll be saying a few things about that session and more soon.

Those of you following me on Twitter have already gotten this message – and you should all be following me on Twitter (@msheiser) for that and other reasons.

Rob Sheaffer over at the Bad UFO blog offers a whimsical (and in places, disturbing) description of the goings-on at the “alternative knowledge” conference held this past August at the Joshua Tree Retreat Center.

Every UFO conference is a mixture of people (attendees and speakers), ranging from the serious to the sublimely ridiculous. I’ve attended several and by now am familiar with the taxonomic categories. But this one sounds especially cartoonish. Rob describes speakers who were all-white suits (Mommy, is that man God?) and brought human props (i.e., bodyguards) to reinforce the myth of their own self-importance. Some of them were wearing T-Shirts that said “Black-Ops.” Really? Are Black-Ops supposed to be secret? Oh . . . wait . . . I get it – they were hidden in plain sight.

This sort of P.T. Barnum-ish buffoonery (along with the incoherence of the research) is why such people shouldn’t be taken seriously.

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