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Robbie Graham at Silver Screen Saucers recently posted this informative and interesting piece about one of my favorite UFO/alien-themed movies, Close Encounters of the Third Kind. The movie has long been the subject of a great deal of speculation among UFO researchers and enthusiasts. Robbie’s lengthy post takes you through all the ins-and-outs of those speculations.

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After watching this past week’s Animal Planet show, “Uncovering Aliens,” I’m still without an answer — other than ratings.

At any rate, I watched to see my friend Derrel Sims. It was fun to see him on TV. But I confess I had to roll my eyes in several places. Two come to mind and, for me, tells me that this was a show for newbies by newbies.

In the second half of the show viewers were introduced to Dr. Bob Wood, the person most well known in ufology for the “Majestic Documents.” Bob’s a nice guy, and readers here will know I think very little of the documents (I had a dozen or so linguistically tested for authorship authenticity – they failed miserably), but this segment was awful. A couple of the show “experts” acted (I hope it was acting) like they were new information. Frankly, if you don’t know about the Majestic Documents, you’re no expert and shouldn’t be on a TV about UFOs.

Here’s the point: If you think the Majestic Documents are good evidence for ET contact, you’ve been played like a fiddle.

The Majestic Documents have a VERY checkered history. That’s putting it nicely. They are the product of several layers of deliberate misdirection and disinformation. That isn’t my opinion. It’s the opinion of mainstream UFO researchers. Back in 2007, the MUFON Journal (MUFON = the Mutual UFO Network) devoted 70 pages to a lengthy “state of the question” article on the Majestic Documents. It ain’t pretty. If you want to be informed (and not just parrot UFO blather) you’ll read the article.

The other issue was the oft-repeated myth about how ETs gave us semi-conductors and the transistor. This is bunk. Igor Witkowski’s fascinating book,  The Truth About The Wunderwaffe, has a scanned image of a 1947 British Intelligence Report entitled, “German Research on Rectifiers and Semi-Conductors” on page 228. The same page has another British Intelligence report on German work on quartz crystals. There’s also a 1994 article (I’m sure there are others) by Lillian Hoddeson on this technology entitled, “Research on crystal rectifiers during World War II and the invention of the transistor” (History and Technology: An International Journal
Volume 11, Issue 2, 1994).

Here’s the point: The trail leading to the semi-conductor and the transistor is well known. We don’t need aliens at Roswell for it.

Someone better tell Animal Planet. (Like they’d listen).

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Cris Putnam sent me a link to his review of Steven Greer’s film. Cris noted in the email:

It’s amazingly incoherent that Greer claims to be in contact with the ETs but at the same time the problem with the world is that government is hiding the ET technology…. If he’s telling the truth ET should just give it to him.

Uh . . . yeah. But that’s Greer. Tell everyone you’re an MD till many are convinced that makes you an authority on issues outside of medicine, make lots of noise on the web, then produce content that’s about as logical as a square bowling ball.

This is the sort of thing that mars Greer’s credibility. On one hand, he deserves credit for gathering important witnesses in the military, government, and intelligence apparati. But on the other he comes up with vapor and misdirection like this.

Thanks to Cris for the review!

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You just HAVE to watch the video below (7:00). It’s clear and to the point, and you’ll no doubt have a laugh or two – a video on how Luke Skywalker’s destruction of the Death Star was *really* an inside job. It’s very well done and has almost two million views on YouTube.

The value of the video should be obvious. Every fact presented in it is indeed a fact from the movie. And every connection drawn is “reasonable” in the context of the narrative created. But the conclusions are absolutely wrong. This is precisely how so much conspiratorial thinking works … and fails horribly. Conspiracy is all about narrative interpretation, not “facts”.  Once one part of the narrative fails, the whole thing crumbles. The beauty of the video is that the viewer already knows the narrative is wrong, but can see how that bogus narrative is created using nothing but factual data.

In short, it’s not about the data dots; it’s about how the dots are connected — and that usually (nearly always) happens in the theater of the imagination when it comes to conspiracy theory.

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A short time ago I blogged about how the “star map” drawn by Betty Hill turned out (surprise!) not to align with real astronomy. Betty used that map to tell us that her alien abductors came from Zeta Reticuli.

HilldrawingTurns out the map showed up recently in an unexpected (or not) place — the major motion picture that disappointed audiences across the country, Prometheus. Robbie Graham noticed the correlation and wrote about it here. I must have missed it while nodding off. Just compare Betty Hill’s hand-drawn map with the cave drawing in the movie. Hardly a coincidence. Our extraterrestrial makers (the “Engineers”) were from Zeta Reticuli.


Check out Robbie’s thoughts here.



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