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Think about the title to this post. It doesn’t assert that all or even most UFO witnesses are liars. It doesn’t say they are cranks, under the influence of alcohol or drugs, or otherwise buffoonish. In my experience, people who report UFOs are anything but. What the title does suggest, however, is that reports, even detailed ones, really cannot be deemed as evidence that what is seen is in fact extraterrestrial. In principle that may be the case, but that determination must be made on  other grounds.

Why? Because of the high potential for mis-identification and the inclusion of mistaken details. For more, check out this episode of the Exposing PseudoAstronomy podcast!

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I just posted (at PaleoBabble) a long and thorough analysis of the artwork you see here – a famous example of a “UFO” in a very old pictorial record. It’s worth bringing to the attention of readers here as well.


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I’d encourage readers to have a look at a recent article by Jack Brewer in the Orlando Paranormal Examiner. This is the same Jack Brewer behind the excellent blog, The UFO Trail, which I’ve recommended on several occasions. The article deals with the apparent confirmation of the existence of the MJ-12 documents before they were leaked by Colonel John Alexander.

The article mentions my work of several years ago, in conjunction with forensic / computational linguist Dr. Carol Chaski. Carol’s expertise is authorship attribution – authenticating documents were in fact written by the people who supposedly authored them. The paper I wrote on the basis of Carol’s analysis of a number of MJ-12 documents can be found here.

With respect to Col. Alexander’s “revelation,” the issue with the documents is not that they existed prior to leaking. The issue is, rather, are they authentic in terms of authorship and content? If the documents had been prepared for psychological warfare or propaganda purposes, no one (including myself and Dr. Chaski) would claim they needed to be created the week before they were leaked. The issue isn’t chronology, but authenticity. We also don’t know which documents and which pages of which documents Alexander might have been recalling. Without that sort of precision, this revelation has little to no value for research into the authenticity of what the documents say and their authorship claims.

In case the Majestic Documents are new to readers (they shouldn’t be if you’ve read The Facade), here’s the first paragraph of my MJ-12 analysis paper:

The term “Majestic documents” refers generally to thousands of pages of purportedly classified government documents that prove the existence of a Top Secret group of scientists and military personnel—Majestic 12—formed in 1947 under President Harry Truman, and charged with investigating crashed extraterrestrial spacecraft and their occupants. Majestic 12 personnel allegedly included a number of noteworthy political, scientific, and military figures, including: Rear Admiral Roscoe Hillenkoetter, the first CIA Director; Dr. Vannevar Bush, wartime chair of the Office of Scientific Research; James Forrestal, Secretary of the Navy and first Secretary of Defense; General Nathan Twining, head of Air Materiel Command at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base and later Chairman of Joint Chiefs of Staff; and Dr. Donald Menzel, an astronomer at Harvard University. More specifically, the Majestic documents refer to a series allegedly classified documents leaked from 1981 to the present day by unidentified sources concerning Majestic 12 and the United States government’s knowledge of intelligent extraterrestrials and their technology.

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Jack Brewer over at The UFO Trail has begun a two-part series on the CIA’s mind-control programs. UFO Religions readers (and Facade fans) will want to read Part One, along with an earlier essay on John Marks, the researcher who blew the lid off the secrecy.

As Facade readers know, mind control was one of the sub-threads in the novel. The UFO research community has known for some time that CIA mind control and LSD experimentation had some sort of intersection with the “alien contactee” movement in the United States. The same is likely also true of the alien abduction phenomenon. The latter connection received a bit of attention in Jack’s posts about Leah Haley’s story (which of course included some of Leah’s own commentary about her experiences).  The second post above (“Part One”) overviews some of these intersections. Jack does a nice job of cross-referencing the connections to specific MK-ULTRA / CIA documentary evidence.

Have a look!

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You just HAVE to watch the video below (7:00). It’s clear and to the point, and you’ll no doubt have a laugh or two – a video on how Luke Skywalker’s destruction of the Death Star was *really* an inside job. It’s very well done and has almost two million views on YouTube.

The value of the video should be obvious. Every fact presented in it is indeed a fact from the movie. And every connection drawn is “reasonable” in the context of the narrative created. But the conclusions are absolutely wrong. This is precisely how so much conspiratorial thinking works … and fails horribly. Conspiracy is all about narrative interpretation, not “facts”.  Once one part of the narrative fails, the whole thing crumbles. The beauty of the video is that the viewer already knows the narrative is wrong, but can see how that bogus narrative is created using nothing but factual data.

In short, it’s not about the data dots; it’s about how the dots are connected — and that usually (nearly always) happens in the theater of the imagination when it comes to conspiracy theory.

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