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Just thought I’d let everyone know that I’ll be speaking in Nashville, TN this coming October at the second “Christian Symposium on Aliens” – otherwise known as Ancient of Days 2013. The event is scheduled for October 3-6. I’ve been assigned two lectures that will occur on Friday, Oct 4:

“The Divine Council, Giants, and a Return of the Nephilim?” (please note the question mark)

“Paleobabble! The Role of Pseudo-Science and Bad Theology in Today’s Popularized Alien Mythos”

I’ll also be participating in a lengthy symposium and Q & A sessions on Sunday, Oct 6. I’ll come up with abstracts a little later and post those. Here’s the schedule as it stands now.

I’m not promising anything, but I’ve alerted the organizer, Guy Malone, that at my present writing rate, the first full draft of The Portent, the sequel to my paranormal / theological thriller, The Facade, should be in the can by the end of summer. That means it’ll be in the editorial stage at the time of this event. That in turn would mean (again, this is all guesswork) that the sequel would be ready for Christmas. If things follow this scenario, I’m considering the idea of taking pre-orders at this event for signed copies of The Portent. (I haven’t talked to the publisher about that yet, but it’s on my radar). This is the only event I have scheduled for the fall, so if such a pre-order offering emerges, Ancient of Days 2013 is the only place it’s going to happen.

Stay tuned.


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If intelligent design is junk science (as it is so often accused of being), then this absolutely qualifies as junk science: “ET Genetic Code May Be Found In Human DNA, According To Kazakhstan Scientists’ Biological SETI Theory.”

But Mike, it’s peer reviewed.

And it’s junk science.

How do I know?

Look at the abstract to the actual journal article. What you have here is (a) an idea [i.e., a theory] defended by (b) math. In other words, science has added another sacrament to its panspermia religion to keep the blessed Drake Equation company. There is *nothing* repeatable in this “science” and nothing empirical in terms of data. There is nothing to falsify.

Nothing. Zero. Nada.

The article is in essence saying: “Hey, ET DNA may be encoded in our DNA – have an equation” (rim shot).

Like I said, if intelligent design is going to be criticized for the above (it’s non-falsifiable and unrepeatable), this article and theory is the poster child for junk science.

The most hypocritical part of it is that you could just swap in the word “God” here and there in the abstract and defend intelligent design just as unscientifically.


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The Uncommon Descent blog reports that “in the planetary science journal, Icarus, two scientists argue that the genetic code bears the hallmarks of an intelligent cause.” The blog quotes the abstract which reads in part:

It has been repeatedly proposed to expand the scope for SETI, and one of the suggested alternatives to radio is the biological media. Genomic DNA is already used on Earth to store non-biological information. Though smaller in capacity, but stronger in noise immunity is the genetic code.

Kind of interesting — an intelligent design high-five but using that to promote intelligent ET life . . . intelligent designers instead of an intelligent Designer.

Where have you heard that before?

Hmmmm … It’ll come to me any minute now.

The full scientific paper can be downloaded here.


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This post appeared yesterday and was kindly brought to my attention: “An Orthodox Christian Perspective on UFOs and Close Encounters“ (ht: Phil).  It’s a clear, concise overview. Two items of note: (1) I wish the author had included citations for the all the quotations in it (he does so with most of them) and (2) the take of the author is oriented only toward the occult view — the clear occult connections to UFO sightings and beliefs. I’ve of course had lots to say in that regard, but readers know that I think other options are on the table, and no one explanation provides the answer to the entirety of the UFO / Close Encounter issue. Please have a look; it’s a worthwhile piece.

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The erstwhile Jack Brewer, the force behind the excellent blog, The UFO Trail, recently reviewed my novel, The Facade in a piece for the Examiner.  He also followed that review with a short interview.

My thanks to Jack for his interest!

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