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Not mainstream scientists, as this article documents.

Contrary to what the “paranormal community” loves to insist (especially the ancient astronaut theorists, whose thinking is anything but clear), there is actually a good deal of peer-reviewed material devoted to testing both paranormal claims and the sorts of subjects with which the paranormal deals.  Humanities scholars and nuts and bolts scientists have devoted a good bit of time to studying claims about parapsychology, Bigfoot, UFOs, PSI, NDEs, etc.  They don’t fear it. Anyone with access to a good journal database could show that paranormal claims do get addressed in just a few minutes.

The problem, though, as I see it, is that very little of that peer-reviewed material ever filters down to the lay person or non-specialist — the person the most likely to be imbibing the wackier claims in all these areas. Scholars and scientists (and I’ll grant there is some merit to the statement, though it becomes an excuse) consider such an exercise as a waste of their time (they could be publishing real research for their peers — and in some case, tenure requirements). And given my own experience with things like the Fantasy Channel (er, History Channel), the media types who pimp the paranormal for DVD purchases and advertising dollars aren’t interested in true rebuttal or confrontational engagement. The Ancient Aliens series is Exhibit A here. They want to produce *a show* (it’s entertainment, people!) and so the producers of these programs *want* to titillate the audience with that sort of nonsense. It sells.

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I just heard from Kirkdale Press, the publisher of The Facade, that the book is climbing on Amazon’s “best-sellers” category for Christian fiction / fantasy. I’m not exactly what that means, but it’s no doubt good news. I’ve also heard that “liking” the book on Amazon will help raise its profile. If you want to help in that regard, you (and your friends or family) can rate The Façade on Amazon by hitting the “like” button at this link (next the “customer reviews” under the title).


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Today marks the release for pre-order of the special edition of my paranormal-supernatural thriller, The Faade. The special edition published by Kirkdale Press contains some great bonus content:

- Behind The Faade: A look into how and why I wroteThe Faade.

- Resources for Further Study: An annotated bibliographic guide to the government documents, covert military programs, UFO controversies, and religious ideas that are part of the plot of The Faade.

- The first five chapters of the highly-anticipated sequel!

The special edition is freshly edited and formatted for your ereader, mobile phone, tablet, and computer. Click here for a synopsis. Readers get 25% off when they pre-order it on Vyrso.

I’ll be revealing a hint about the sequel’s title tomorrow on the blog. Be the first to guess correctly and you’ll get a free copy of The Faade: Special Edition.

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This has been a long time in the planning. I hope all of you will spread the word by linking to this post and informing people via email.

This October will mark the kickoff of the Institute for Paranormal, Preternatural, and Parapsychological Studies (IPPPS). It is an online institute. There are roughly 60 six-week courses. Besides myself, Dr. Judd Burton is the other faculty member. I may be recruiting other faculty as we proceed.

The goal of the institute is to conduct formal online courses on various topics that fall under the IPPPS acronym. Students will be reading the best academic material on the subject matter and engage in other weekly learning activities with fellow students and the faculty (and likely other guest lecturers).

Here are the divisions and “departments” in IPPPS:

Division of UFO Studies

Ufology and U.S. History

UFOs, Science, and Technology

The Alien Abduction Phenomenon

God, Man, and ET

Division of Preternatural Studies



Giant Folklore


The Occult



Religion and Mythology

Division of Parapsychology


Remote Viewing

Of the 60 courses, some have been selected for the 2010-2011 calendar year (first six week module begins October 4). Students can register at a deep discount until September 19. I’ll be doing some UFO history courses and a couple classes going through the works of Zecharia Sitchin and Barry Downing.

For those who are interested in biblical and ancient studies, I’m launching an institute for that as well. See the Naked Bible blog for info. Those who read this might find the courses on the book of Enoch of interest in that other institute.

Please visit the site; all the details are there. Hope some of you register!

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This is a bit peripheral to the main thrust of UFO religions, but I was asked by a reader on another blog about it. Discussions of UFOs and ETs often (right or wrong) gets lumped in with other “paranormal” phenomena. One such phenomenon is orbs (those little circular things that appear on photographs). Many people have presumed orbs indicate ghosts or some other “non-terrestrial” life forms (there’s the oblique connection to ETs). Is there anything to that idea? Not really. Here’s a peer-reviewed article from the Journal of Scientific Exploration on the topic. In case you are not familiar with the JSE, it is a publication of the Soceity for Scientific Exploration, an association of scientists open to the paranormal (i.e., they aren’t debunkers).

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